Police remain in Stanmore to ‘preserve evidence’ following assault

Police have been on site at a residential address in Stanmore since the evening of Friday 5 March following an assault.

Concerned members of the public have contacted Harrow Online asking for information regarding the incident. 

One member of Harrow Online said: “Been on Hitchin Lane Stanmore place since midnight Friday constantly, we’re all just wondering what’s going on thanks”

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Police have remained on the scene since Friday evening.

Police have been at the property in Stanmore to ‘preserve evidence’ they have said. 

Met Police told Harrow Online: “Police were called to a residential address on Letchworth Road on the evening of Friday, 5 March following a report of an assault.

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Concerned neighbours have said they ‘hope everyone will be ok’.

”Officers have remained at the scene to preserve evidence and enquiries are ongoing.”

Letchworth Road, Canons Park. Credit: Google Streetview.

No further details about the assault are available. 

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