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Harrow mum gives birth on Mother’s Day as maternity ward experiences ‘baby boom’

Sophia Louisa Bouhessane couldn’t have wished for a better Mother’s Day when she gave birth to a baby boy at Northwick Park Hospital.

The new mum, who is from Harrow, was one of several deliveries at the hospital on Mothering Sunday.

“He was out and in my arms within a couple of hours of arriving at hospital,” said the mum of two whose first child, Clodagh, took 15 hours to make an appearance.

“We’re just looking forward to going home now and introducing Clodagh to her baby brother. We still haven’t decided on a name yet.”

The hospital’s maternity team has been experiencing a mini baby boom in recent weeks which coincides with the first national lockdown. Baby booms are quite common after tragic events it has been reported.

Dr Ian Pearson, the author of Society Tomorrow, told the Times recently: “The pandemic has made everyone much more aware of the economic and emotional stability and security offered by home ownership, marriage and having children.

“As indicated in this research, I expect we’ll start seeing evidence in the next year or two both of this new mindset and the priorities shift on births and marriages.”

The last comparable rise in births contributed to a specific event was after the last World Cup