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Judge Rinder robbed by ‘3 boys wearing balaclavas’ in London

Judge Rinder has been robbed of his mobile phone in Finchley Road, London he has revealed. 

The star who’s real name is Robert Rinder has revealed that his phone was stolen, the 42-year-old host of ‘Judge Rinder’ appealed to the public to help find the people. 

He tweeted: “I’ve just had my phone grabbed out my hands by 3 boys wearing balaclavas on bikes (Finchley Road & Canfield gardens).

“They laughed as I shouted to drop it. Im in shock but am insured & privileged. Others are less lucky. Help me find these people & stop them (financial reward).”

Many people took to the social network to express their sympathy for Robert, singer Beverley Knight said: “I am so sorry Robert. I don’t care about privilege, nothing about what happened to you is ok. No one, absolutely no one likes a teefing little rass.”

Then Rinder replied: “Hear that. The ‘privilege’ is knowing that I can sort this out and get it replaced. As you know, our phones are lifelines to friends & family (especially in lockdown). For thousands of other victims this means being cut off or losing a fortune. Thanks for your love.”

Another person said in criticism of those defending the boys: “I can’t see how people are ‘sticking up’ for these boys, it’s wrong, it may be parenting it may be not, but those three boys know wrong from right 💯 what if it’d turned out differently and they caused harm would people be tweeting that was ok? Unbelievable response from some.”

Another person said: “What an absolute joke, maybe if we didn’t have people rioting on the streets the police could turn their attention to proper crimes. So sorry you went through this, I hope they are caught, what a horrible society we live in”