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Director of Public Health, Carole Furlong says ‘the vaccine rollout is going well here in Harrow’

Harrow Council have posted a message from Director of Public Health, Carole Furlong as the UK marks the first anniversary of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The message said: “This week marked one year since the first national lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the start of a year which has challenged all of us in ways that nobody could have anticipated.

“The vaccine rollout is going well here in Harrow, giving us hope of getting back to a more normal life.

“The great news is that with every jab we’re a step closer. While we will have to continue to take personal responsibility and people may still get the virus, it will significantly reduce the risk of having to go into hospital.

“We know there have been some concerns this week about people getting their second vaccinations, and our local health services are making second doses their priority over the coming weeks.

“However, the recent vaccine supply issues that the Government set out last week have meant that our GPs are having to make some changes to ensure everyone does get their second dose when it is needed.

“Rest assured though, there will be enough vaccines in Harrow to guarantee that everyone can have their second dose.

“Here is some information which I hope is reassuring:

“When will I have my second vaccine booked?

“If your GP booked you in for your first vaccine they will contact you and book you for your second vaccine 11-12 weeks later. Please be patient.

“If you booked your first vaccine through one of the online booking systems, you can book your second vaccine for 11-12 weeks later through the national booking system.

“What happens if more than 12 weeks passes before I have my second vaccine?

“If for any reason you miss having your second vaccine 12 weeks later, please contact your GP or book in through the national booking system and have it as soon as possible.

“Where will I go for my second vaccine?

“You will need to return to the same venue that you had your first vaccine for your second.

“Once you have had one or both doses of the vaccine you must continue to get tested, wash hands and socially distance because you can still catch and transmit the virus to others.

“The potential reduction in restrictions from Monday is something to welcome but not to be complacent about. The virus is still out there and not everyone has yet had their jabs – so please remember to stay Covid safe.”

Source: Harrow Council