Multiple cars have been vandalised in random incident in Harrow on the Hill, Ruislip and Northwood

Thugs targeted random cars.

Multiple vehicles have been vandalised in what appears to be a random and unprovoked attack in Harrow on the Hill, Ruislip and Northwood.

Back windows smashed in last night.

Multiple people have been in touch with Harrow Online today expressing their anger at the situation.

One person said: “22 cars were smashed at 3am last night, apparently two men on a bike. One was my boyfriends car, just quite shocking”. 

Over 20 cars targeted by vandals

Images and footage sent to Harrow Online show back windows smashed in, front windows smashed – people woke up in shock at the incident. 

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Thugs targeted random cars.

The cars in the images shown were located on London Road, Harrow on the Hill. Police are investigating the incident and we have reached out to get more info. 

More criminal damage to vehicles.

Another person who’s vehicle was damaged said: “To be honest my first feeling was complete shock due to the fact that the person did not even steal anything out of the cars.”

Side windows smashed.

In addition to the vehicles smashed in Harrow on the Hill, people have since reported that cars in Ruislip and Northwood were also targeted. 

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On the theory that the crime is linked, one person said: “this is too much of a coincidence to be Random, South Ruislip, Northwood, Harrow on the Hill all at the approximately the same time, has to be organised”

Another person contacted us saying the following: “I wanted to message to inform you that 2 cars were also vandalised (front and back windshields smashed) on Whitmore Road. My husband’s vehicle was one of the damaged ones.

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“A few neighbours managed to check their cctv and the culprits were not on bikes but in a car and a passenger leaned out with a long mallet looking weapon to smash. the glass before driving off. Shocking and mindless.”

Anyone that can help with the police enquiries should contact 101 and quote 905/2APR21 as a reference.