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The Harrow property market is at an ‘all time high’ and attracting investors

With the Harrow property market at an all-time high buyers seem to be coming out of the woodwork and doing their homework before they start to look at properties.


Buyers seem to the looking into mortgages a lot more before they go out looking at properties. Previously buyers guessed the amount of mortgage they could borrow but it seems now buyers are taking things more seriously and looking into how much they can borrow before approaching estate agents.


With low interest rates and banks becoming more flexible about how much they can borrow buyers are taking the plunge and moving home.

The lettings market is starting to generally cool but as we know it does not stay like this for long, we can only really put this down to the first-time buyers jumping on the property ladder.


Over the years the property market has always been a bit of a seesaw meaning when the sales are up the lettings market is cool and when the lettings market is up the sales market is cool but only time will tell how long this last for.


Boris finally let most business open up again on Monday 12th with most people rushing to the shops to finally get what they have been waiting for over the last few months.

This will hopefully give people more confidence to go out looking at new homes and feel more confident about moving.


Even though the property has been open all throughout the last lockdown there has still been some hesitation from some people looking to move but hopefully with the success of the vaccine and the country on the road to some kind of normality this will help things move further forward.


Harrow has always attracted property investors with the borough having great transport links, open spaces, shopping facilities and great schools this makes it a bit of a haven for people wanting to move to the area. 

When we have spoken to people about when they are moving to Harrow they are all mentioning the great amenities harrow has to offer.


So well done each and everyone of you Harrovians who has helped make Harrow the place most people want to be.


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