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Changes to planning regulations could mean that you will no longer have a say on any waiting to go through in Harrow

The Government’s planned changes to planning regulation could mean that you will no longer have a say on any of the 1,886 planning applications waiting to go through in Harrow. Labour have said that they “this is a disgrace.”

New figures published by Harrow Labour reveal that Conservative plans to end the existing right of communities to object to bad planning proposals would mean nearly 2000 proposals escape local scrutiny in Harrow every year.

Under Boris Johnson, the Conservatives have received more than £11million in ‘donations’ from developers. The Conservatives’ ‘Developers’ Charter’ would take an expected 400,000 planning applications taken each year outside the power of local communities. 

Publishing the analysis on behalf of Harrow Labour Deputy Leader of the Council Labour’s Natasha Proctor said: “This community belongs to the people of Harrow. The idea that wealthy developers should be able to come in and build what they want over the heads of local people with no right of appeal is an outrage. 

 “Nearly 2000 planning applications are made in Harrow Each year. If the Conservatives’ plans go through, this community won’t get to have its say over a single one of them.

Labour Councillor Adam Swersky Said: “Labour councillors have worked with local people to successfully oppose inappropriate developments like the preposterous twelve story Vaughn Road Hotel. Under the new rules local people won’t get a say at all, and these inappropriate developments would have gone ahead.

“We are fighting to stop developments like those on the Ridgway and the Conservative government is making it harder for residents, and easier for big developers”

 “Under Boris Johnson the Conservatives have received more than £11m in donations from wealthy developers. Now Boris Johnson is giving his developer donors exactly what they want, by changing the rules so they can ride roughshod over the voices of  local people and businesses.

“That tells you all you need to know about this government and its priorities. It’s contracts for cronies, favours for their mates, and big changes for developers, while the rest of us deal with the consequences.”