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Thursday, September 23, 2021
Home Business Harrow Council safeguards the future of Belmont Community Hall

Harrow Council safeguards the future of Belmont Community Hall

Councillor Graham Henson, Leader of Harrow Council has announced that the Council, after due deliberations, have decided to retain the Belmont Community Hall and the adjoining Car Park site.

The announcement comes after the Cabinet paper of the Council, in March this year outlined the preliminary consideration of three potential options on the sites.

The options identified for consideration were…

 1) To retain the existing hall and the car park;

2) Redevelopment of the sites for residential use on 3 floors with community centre use on the ground floor and

3) Dispose of the community hall or the car park

Following the Cabinet meeting in March, the Council undertook detailed examination of the three options and took the opportunity to engage extensively with Belmont Community Association and members of ‘Save the Belmont Hall Campaign’.

This helped the council to give a full and informed consideration of the benefits of redevelopment of the sites versus the value the existing Belmont Community Hall offers through its wide-ranging services to our community, its history and heritage.

On the conclusion of the assessment, the council has determined to retain the existing Belmont Community Hall and the adjoining Car Park.

The council will continue its dialogue with the Belmont Community Association and its volunteers to see how the Council can support it to ensure that it can continue to serve the community.

Cllr Graham Henson – Leader of the Council said: “We have listened to the local residents, campaigners, stakeholders and fully considered their views and aspirations. We also very much recognise the resource, history and heritage the current Belmont Community Hall offers.

(Graham Henson, Leader of Harrow Council. Credit: Google Maps/ Harrow Council)

“So, after due evaluation of the development potential of the two sites and our positive engagement with the campaigners of the Belmont Community Hall, stakeholders and local residents I’m delighted with our decision that the current Belmont Community Hall and the Car Park be retained.

“Going forward, I am committed to our continuing work with the committee and volunteers of the Belmont Community Hall”