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Local residents partner with McDonald’s and Tesco to tackle litter

Staff and local residents have worked closely together to help tackle litter in the local area. 

Over lockdown residents have seen an increased amount of litter in the local area. McDonald’s have supplied local residents with litter pickers, hoops, bin liners and are are helping recycle litter that is collected on their daily walks.

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Local residents have contacted McDonald’s and Tesco to help in their daily litter events and other activities they are involved in to help the community.

They have a What’s app group that is managed locally where they communicate issues and help tackle local issues. The residents have asked McDonald’s and Tesco to get involved.

Credit: McDonald’s

McDonald’s already commits to a minimum of three trash walks a day collecting litter up to 500 metres around the restaurant.

Local Franchisee Kurt Jansen said: “Like all residents of Harrow, we don’t like litter. Since 2006 when I became a Franchisee we’ve been collecting the litter that’s dropped in the local area around my restaurants.

Credit: McDonald’s

“Our litter patrols and clean-up events walk around 3000 miles a year, trying to keep Harrow litter free.

“To try to stop litter before it happens McDonald’s also support charities like Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful with their interventions and education to persuade people to bin their rubbish and recycle and our restaurant teams participate in Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean.

“We have our #LoveHarrow event on Wednesday May 26th starting at 9am and finishing at 12pm.

Credit: McDonald’s

“We will have staff from all of our local restaurants, with the support of the Harrow BID team, local residents and members of the council collecting as much litter as we can in 3 hours.

“This forms part of our quarterly larger events to try and help keep the community we live in clean.

Credit: McDonald’s

Harrow is very special to me, it’s a town I grew up in, went to school, met my wife and now run local restaurants employing 800 people. I’m very passionate about the area and keen to do as much as we can to help make Harrow great.”

Credit: McDonald’s

If anyone would like to get involved they can email Thom.russell@uk.mcd.com