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Become a real-life (code) ninja at Kenton’s newest dojo

On the weekend of 17th and 18th April, kids from across Kenton helped the team at Code Ninjas celebrate the launch of their brand-new coding dojo.

Owners Neha Dewan and Sunil Kumar, along with their son Shaarav, were determined to make it a day to remember for video-game-loving kids in their community. 

Become a real-life (code) ninja at Kenton’s newest dojo Harrow Online
The Senseis. Credit: Code Ninjas Kenton

“It’s amazing to see how ninjas(students) are progressing in our dojo during these tough times. Last year was tough, especially for kids, they not only missed education but missed important time with friends and loved ones. We were so proud to welcome so many local families on the day and want to thank them for celebrating our launch with us,” said Neha. 
“At Code Ninjas, we want our students (ninjas) – to develop a real passion for technology, so while the whole programme is loads of fun, it is also very educational. They are learning the language of the future.


“We want to give kids a gift that lasts a lifetime. Sunil and I truly believe that technological education is the future, which is why we aim to teach children aged 5-15 to think and solve STEM problems using coding, engineering and robotics.

Become a real-life (code) ninja at Kenton’s newest dojo Harrow Online
Credit: Code Ninjas Kenton

“Learning about computers at such a young age is crucial because it helps build the vital foundations for future success. We can already see progress in our ninjas and so as their parents. We also offer very innovative and advanced camps for Minecraft, Roblox, “Become a YouTuber”, Python, Scratch, MicroBit magic, 3d Printing, Music coding, MakeCode with MeowBit, Microcontrollers, LEGO education and much more.” 
Amongst the – socially distanced – crowd on the opening day was Mayor Cllr Nitin Parekh who got involved in the fun activities, ribbon-cutting ceremony done by Cllr Kanti Rabadia and raffle prize announcement done by SKLPC president Mr Veljibhai Parbat Vekaria.

Become a real-life (code) ninja at Kenton’s newest dojo Harrow Online
Ribbon-cutting ceremony done by Cllr Kanti Rabadia. Credit: Code Ninjas Kenton

They all saw first-hand how coding helps develop logical thinking, problem-solving and confidence in children. Children were invited to take part in a whole host of fun activities, including robot and drone building, video-game creation and other STEM challenges.
So far, all the parents are seeing results in their children. Here are some of the comments from parents of existing ninjas(students) Michael Carter said, “I really like how everything operates at Code Ninjas. My daughters love the programme and are always really engaged with the activities. Lockdown has been a testing time and once the restrictions ease, I believe this is when the ninjas and parents alike will see the full potential of the programme. I would recommend the club to all my friends and family.” 

Become a real-life (code) ninja at Kenton’s newest dojo Harrow Online
Former Mayor Cllr Nitin Parekh. Credit: Code Ninjas Kenton

Another of the parents who attended the event, Chiraag Shah said, “The best thing about Code Ninjas is that my daughter loves it. The Sensei’s keep her really entertained and the programme helps make the whole process of learning to code enjoyable for the kids.” Andreea Silester echoed this sentiment, “The programme is educational and creative. It helps my child to understand computing and is great fun.” 
Families also commented on how well organised the day was and how comfortable they felt with the strict social distancing policies.

Now that the dojo is open and ready to welcome ninjas from across the region, children can work towards achieving the highest Code Ninjas’ honour of becoming a black belt!
“We’re here to guide the children through our exciting curriculum and, with the help of our team of Senseis, truly put Kenton on the map for kids’ technological education. We’re looking forward to a ninja-fuelled future, that’s for sure!” added Neha.

Become a real-life (code) ninja at Kenton’s newest dojo Harrow Online
Credit: Code Ninjas Kenton

To sign up or find out more about Code Ninjas, Visit: https://www.codeninjas.co.uk/kenton-ldn-uk

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