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Harrow Council and local Police shut down ‘drug den’ in anti-cuckooing operation

Harrow Council’s Community Safety Unit, working with the local police, has successfully closed down a drug den in the east of the Borough. 

The owner, a vulnerable person, was being exploited and their home being used for drugs and other illegal activities it has emerged. 
Known as cuckooing, criminal gangs inflict pain and suffering on vulnerable people by taking over their homes.
Along with the victim, many residents had been affected by the anti-social behaviour at the premises, which was continuing to have a negative effect on the quality of life for the victim and residents in the local area.
The Community Safety Unit worked with the Kenton West Safer Neighbourhood team, to identify those responsible and to assist the victim in preventing others from using the property illegally.
Ongoing support has been provided to the victim from the relevant services’ agencies.
The order remains in place from midday 13 May and expires on midday 13 August.
Cllr Peymana Assad, Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion, Crime and Enforcement, said: “No one should be made to feel unsafe in their own home or community. The criminality in this case as well as concern for the safety of a vulnerable resident, left us with no alternative but to pursue legal action to legally close this premise.

“Local residents can feel safe again after this decisive action by the council in concert with the police.

“I am disgusted that these criminals thought they could get away with taking advantage of a vulnerable person in their own home. We will not hesitate to take firm action in future cases such as this.”
Neighbourhood Inspector, Ed Baildon, said: “This property had been a nuisance to the community in the East of the borough, with reports of drugs dealing, anti-social behaviour and coercive behaviour towards vulnerable people.

“Through the help of the community and the diligence of the Council Community Safety Team, Housing Team and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, the court was provided with enough evidence to grant this closure.
“We shall continue to work at keeping the area safe and monitor any further issues at the location. Should you have any concerns or information please get in touch with either the Council, SNT or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

Source: Harrow Council