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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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McDonald’s love Harrow

McDonald’s held their quarterly litter picking event today with over 30 employees involved and lots of local residents helping collect over 100 bags of litter in South Harrow.

McDonald’s love Harrow Harrow Online
Credit: McDonald’s

Residents have worked tirelessly approaching councillors and MP’s to tackle the growing litter issues in the area and with the help of McDonald’s they are really trying to improve knowledge on littering and the effect this has on the community and environment.

Local Franchisee Kurt Jansen said: “McDonald’s has always supported local community events and tackling litter is on our agenda.

McDonald’s love Harrow Harrow Online
Credit: McDonald’s

“We understand that customers of ours will dispose of litter and we are keen to ensure this is done in a responsible manner.

“We are working closely with Harrow Bid and the council to look and install more bins in the area to make it easier on residents to dispose of litter in the correct way.