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Cars randomly vandalised with bricks in Wealdstone

Several cars have been vandalised with a brick in Wealdstone with vehicles being repeatedly struck on Thomson Road and Peel Road in what appears to be a unprovoked, random attacks. 

The incidents follow other random attacks on multiple vehicles throughout Harrow just a couple of months ago.

In a post that originally went out on the NextDoor community website and then shared on the Harrow Online Crime Watch group, the victim said:

“My car was vandalised outside Thomson Road, did you see anything? Wealdstone. Car windscreen vandalised; brick thrown at windscreen multiple times . I have reported this information to the police.

Cars randomly vandalised with bricks in Wealdstone Harrow Online
Credit: Foyin Ibidapo

“Description of vehicle involved – Colour: Plum, Make: Ford, Model: Fiesta, Year: 2009, Location: Thomson Road.

“If anyone has any information on how/when it happened and how to avoif this next time please share.”

Another post said: “My husband’s car has been vandalised last night with a brick in Wealdstone, Peel Road. There’s another post about a similar incident (same pattern) that happened a day ago in the area. Police is informed.”

A third car has also had their windows smashed in Lockett Road, Wealdstone.