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Cancer survivor treated in Harrow is sailing the British Isles in aid of charity

A cancer survivor treated in Harrow is circumnavigating the British Isles in aid of charity.

Olle Nash, 63, is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support in recognition of the charity’s help for both himself and his late daughter.

The grandfather of three will have to break his four month voyage just three weeks after casting off to temporarily return to hospital for intensive radiotherapy treatment.

Olle had much of his large intestine removed by surgeons at St Mark’s Hospital in Harrow where they also found a tumour that couldn’t be removed and would require regular chemotherapy treatment for the rest of his life.

“I just want to get on with things. It did make me think that perhaps I wouldn’t always be as fit as I am now so, if there were things I wanted to do, I should get on with them now.

“I’d been hoping to spend my retirement sailing so combined it with my fundraising. It’s just another obstacle in life and I have to get on with it.”

His own forthrightness about cancer is tempered by the loss of his daughter, Toni, to pancreatic cancer in 2017.

“We were at a total loss when she was first told about her cancer. It means a lot that some of the people who treated and cared for me are the same as those who treated Toni.”

Olle, who has sailed since he was a child, will be joined by a succession of family members and friends on board the Renegade and hopes to raise £10,000 for charity.

You can follow Olle’s progress at www.sailingwithcancer.co.uk