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There is a HUGE bath tub coming to Harrow Town Centre this weekend

To highlight Harrow’s overuse of water – 21.4more than the national average – Affinity Water is bringing an enormous 10,000 litre operational bathtub to Harrow town centre this weekend.

The custom-built bath tub is 125 times bigger than a household bath, and has been created as part of Affinity Water’s SOS: Save Our Streams movement.

The huge bath tub will be at Harrow Town Centre this coming Friday 9 July and Saturday 10 July. People will be able to see the tub at the area along main shopping route in the town centre.

The UK’s largest water-only supplier, Affinity Water is urging the public to join new movement SOS: Save Our Streams and address their wasting water-wasting behaviours to protect the UK’s chalk streams.

Coined ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’, these beautiful rivers, which boast clear water from underground springs, are more endangered than both the Bengal tiger and black rhino.

These iconic natural gems are now at risk due to unsustainably high demand for water. Affinity Water’s SOS: Save Our Streams campaign is encouraging the public to waste less water by providing tailored water saving support.

Members of the public are urged to take action now and visit SaveOurStreams.co.uk where, after answering a few questions about how they use water, they can gain access to their exact household water usage stats, a free water-saving kit and tailored advice.

Contact:Becky Whiting at Pier Marketing on becky@pier-marketing.com or call 07501 407760 for details.