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Number of unvaccinated covid patients rises at Northwick Park

The majority of people being treated in local hospitals for Covid-19 haven’t been vaccinated says one of the doctors treating them.

The number of admissions to Ealing and Northwick Park hospitals has risen in recent weeks but is still well short of numbers seen earlier in the year with fewer patients in intensive care.

Dr Jaita Mukherjee, a consultant rheumatologist and physician at Northwick Park, said: “The vaccination programme is largely doing what it is supposed to do in preventing serious illness and death. However, it is still out there and highly infectious.

“The best chance of minimising catching Covid-19 is to have the vaccination and continue to practice good hand hygiene and wear a mask in crowded places. It’s a personal choice.”

‘Allan’ wasn’t vaccinated and spent two weeks at Northwick Park after his breathing deteriorated. He was subsequently rushed to hospital from his home in Wembley.

“It’s for real. I know that now,” said the 38 year-old who was the only person in his extended family not to get vaccinated, despite several friends falling sick.

Allan said: “I was just observing what was happening and still undecided about getting the jab. It started with me losing my sense of smell and taste. I then started feeling tired and, after a week, my breathing started going downhill. It was only then that I thought about Covid-19.”

“It’s scary. I did ask myself at one stage if I going to make it?”

Friends and family kept the DJ’s spirits up via social media and he was interviewed by ITV shortly before being sent home.

Allan remained undecided when the TV presenter asked if he regretted not having the vaccine and would now get it.

“It’s a personal choice. I have been on a journey and it has certainly given me something to think about.”