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Doctor has phone robbed by ‘teenagers in hoodies’ in Harrow

A man has been robbed of his mobile phone by ‘teenagers on bicycles’ near Harrow Recreation Ground. 

The victim, Sachin Thakur, who is a consultant in Acute Medicine, said that his phone was stolen by ‘teenagers in hoodies’ on Hindes Road on Saturday night (21 August).

Sachin was visiting his father in law in Harrow who recently underwent surgery for cancer.

In a message to Harrow Online, Sachin said: “My phone was stolen in Harrow yesterday evening (snatched & stolen by teenagers in hoodies on bicycles outside Harrow Recreation Park on Hindes Road near Spark).

“Reported to Police. Through tracker app, I know the approximate location of the phone (there won’t be many houses with teenager and bike in that area). But Police considers it non urgent so I can’t report the address until Monday.

“I called the Police on 101 last night but got the automated message to call back on Monday or report online. So I called 999 again and they said because it’s non urgent, I have to wait until Monday.”

He added: “I was initially shocked as it was my first such experience. I was more worried about the safety of my 7 year old son who was with me, so didn’t pursue them on bikes much.

“I begged them to leave my phone. Being an NHS doctor (Consultant in Acute Medicine) by profession, all urgent calls come to me over the phone. So I cannot afford to not be contactable.

“My son was absolutely distraught. The Spark corner shop person was kind and gave him a drink to pacify him. He couldn’t believe people could be so mean.

Doctor has phone robbed by ‘teenagers in hoodies’ in Harrow Harrow Online
Dr Sachin Thakur and his son.

“What’s very disappointing for me is the fact that I knew where my phone is since Saturday night. 999 person asked me to call 101 as it’s classes non urgent. 101 asked me to call 02082845100 and they’re only open on weekdays.

“I called 999 again and they said they can’t help me as it’s classes non urgent. I have updated the details on Police website with address of where the phone is, but no response yet.

”I’m currently on hold to speak to the Police on 02082845100 since 15 mins, and there still are 5 callers ahead of me in the queue (has been the case since the beginning). So I’m fully expecting waiting for more than an hour over the phone.”

He then added: “Just got off the phone after speaking to the Police. The report was incomplete; they have completed it now. They can’t promise or say whether they will pursue my leads and check over or now, it would depend on how busy the local Police is.

“I knew where my phone was from the tracker on my phone which even tracks when not connected to the network.”

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