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Piers Morgan challenges Harry and Meghan to “put up or shut up”

Piers Morgan has challenged ITV over the ofcom report that decided not to sanction Good Morning Britain over controversial comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex on the show.

Morgan Tweeted: “Hmmm, ITV have just put out a statement saying I only won the ⁦@Ofcom case against Princess Pinocchio because my colleagues expressed different opinions to mine. That’s not what the ⁦ @Ofcom report says in its conclusion. I suggest ITV reads it again.”

Piers Morgan has also challenged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to “put up or shut up” as he celebrated Ofcom’s decision.

Talking before leaving for a show, he said: “Today, Ofcom has emphatically endorsed my right to not believe what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were saying.

“And I’m delighted that they’ve actually recognised what I said five months ago, which is actually, in a democracy, we have a thing called free speech and freedom of expression and you’re allowed to have an opinion even if Meghan and Harry in their California mansion don’t like it.”

He added: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex should reflect on this, and they should work out whether it is fair of them to spray gun the British royal family with lurid allegations without producing a shred of evidence,” he said.

“Five months later there is no evidence for any of their allegations. I’m not saying they didn’t happen, I’m just saying ‘put up or shut up’.”

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