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Resident warns of cash machine scam in Stanmore and Belmont

A Harrow resident has warned people about a cash machine scam in Stanmore and Belmont.

The resident claimed that he was filmed trying to put his Pin number into the machine after it had swallowed his card.

The news follows an incident in Hatch End in which an elderly man was robbed of £500.

Posting on the popular NextDoor website, the resident said: “Be aware of scam at cash machines whereby the card gets stuck in the machine and one cannot get it out, somebody suddenly appears taking a video of you trying to get the card out and repeatedly putting your pin number in with the hope of the card being returned. l then gave up trying to get the card back and the Barclays cash machine in Stanmore said the machine was temporarily out of use, my card would be retained by Barclays.

“A few minutes later when checking my account on my Barclays app, I noticed two withdrawals on my account at that machine. He drew the money out before I had time to contact Barclays who told me how the scammer & does this. Be aware of this scam in Stanmore. A similar scam happened at (the petrol) station cash machine, Belmont earlier this month.

When asked if he had any details about the person videoing, the resident said: “No but I asked if Barclays Stanmore had a camera by the machine and the fellow I spoke to on the phone at Barclays said he did not know but if the fraudster got close to the machine he would have put his head down so he could not be seen.

“The helpful chap at Barclays said one should not use a cash machine outside only draw cash from a machine inside a bank. I agree but said Barclays Stanmore branch is closing next month leaving NatWest as the only bank in Stanmore to go in to use the atm when, of course, they are open.”