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Home News Man suffers fractured jaw after being attacked in broad daylight in Pinner

Man suffers fractured jaw after being attacked in broad daylight in Pinner

A brutal and shocking attack in Pinner has left a man with a fractured jaw and damaged motorbike.

The incident happened in broad daylight in front of stunned members of the public who watched on in disbelief.

Credit: Ruel Nicholas-Cutler

Just after lunch time on Saturday last week (28 August) as robbers attempted to steal a motorcycle parked on Bridge Street, Pinner.

A member of the Harrow Online Crime Watch group posted the footage this morning.

The post said: “Not sure what good this will do, I felt I need to put this out there for awareness. Footage gathered from a member of public & CCTV. I believe these low lives are not far from the area and do this as living.

“I’m just glad no weapons were used as too often it happens ending in tragedy! The footage is hard enough to watch.

“They could have killed him with just one punch & they have no conscience about it, leaving him with a fractured jaw while he fended for himself & his hard earned property.

“Absolute vile low life scum! It is not right at all they get away with it day in day out, They need to be off our streets!!! Saturday 28th August, Pinner!”

Credit: Ruel Nicholas-Cutler

Victim of the attack, Ruel Nicholas-Cutler told Harrow Online: “I was getting my hair cut on Bridge Street and had my bike in view outside the shop, 10 mins in I heard a couple of bikes -didn’t think much of it and then my barber tapped me and in that millisecond I realised what was happening.

”I didn’t even look I just ripped my apron off and ran towards my bike and I wasn’t in the right mentality to take on 3 people but I just ran into it not knowing what’s going to happen, the attackers who where wearing armoured gloves got a hook on me which instantly stunned me and I dropped to the floor, dizzy I got back up and continued to try fight them off, eventually they took off but 2 mins later they returned and attempted to take it again!. Eventually they gave up and taunted me whilst they took off.

“This attack resulted in me having a fractured jaw and broken steering lock on my bike.”

Credit: Ruel Nicholas-Cutler

Met Police told Harrow Online: “Police were called to Bridge Street, Pinner, at 13.46hrs on Saturday, 28 August to reports of an attempted theft of a motorbike.

“Officers attended. A 20-year-old man was found with an injury to his jaw. After hospital treatment, he was found to have suffered a fractured jaw.

“The three suspects arrived and left the scene on motorcycles and were wearing motorcycle helmets.

“There have been no arrests.

“Enquiries continue.”