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74-year-old left terrified as child attempts to put firework through letterbox in Stanmore

A 74-year-old woman was left terrified after a child attempted to push a firework through her letterbox in Stanmore.

A member of Harrow Online Group said: “My mother was shaken up badly last night with banging at her front door at 21.32pm…the letter box was being opened and to her horror, a child was trying to push a firework through her door, this was on Uppingham Avenue, Stanmore.

“The parents should be made aware of this that their child is taking fireworks to push through elderly people’s letterbox.


“We are worried that not only could this happen again, but that it can happen to more people in the community.

“My mum checked with all her neighbours today and it didn’t happen to any of them, just her, on her own at home. I’m disgusted. We have both video footage and still shot and the police have been informed.

“Please can you warn people on your platform of these attempted arson dangers.”

They added: “If they hadn’t been startled it could have been way worse.

“Children should not be out with fireworks on their own at that time knocking on pensioners doors.
“I dread to think if my mum had opened the door or if the house caught fire…Please god they don’t do it again.”

Met Police told Harrow Online:
“On 1 November police received an online report of a person trying to force a firework though a letterbox at a residential address in Harrow on 31 October at around 9.30pm.

“The suspects were unable to force the firework in to the address, and ran away. No injuries were sustained by the victim, though we understand that they are shaken by the incident.

“Police have confirmed receipt of the report with the victim and will be in touch in due course in order to ascertain more information.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

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