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Catalytic converter thief gives ‘thumbs up’ to camera during theft in Harrow

A doorbell video recorded by home owners in Harrow View illustrate the brazen act of stealing catalytic converters in the borough.

The footage, which has been shared exclusively with Harrow Online, shows thieves stealing a catalytic converter in Harrow View.

During the footage, one of the individuals cockily gives a ‘thumbs up’ to the doorbell camera as the catalytic converter is drilled out of the car.

A video of the incident was posted within the comments section of another catalytic converter theft that happened on St Paul’s Avenue, Kingsbury just off Honeypot Lane.

Residents could not believe the shocking footage, and that they thieves could be as bold as to commit the crime in full view of the camera.

A person said: “This incident happened today. Former Kodak leisure centre, Harrow View.

“Number of times we complained, but it seems police is not empowered or perhaps this Govt has no funds to support police. Crime level has gone up.”

Another person commented: “The police needs to act, this is dangerous”.

Another Harrow Online member said: “The most horrible thing is that they are always getting away with it. That empowers them to do it all over again. The number of crimes they committed in this just one video… Call the police over a loud group of youngsters and they will be there serving. The police is funded by tax-payers money, yet they cannot protect them. The government just doesn’t care.”

In the North London area, police have seen a significant increase in catalytic converter thefts since the start of the year.