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Volunteer litter pickers in Harrow are cleaning up the community

More and more Harrow residents, who are fed up with people carelessly dropping litter or illegally dumping waste on Harrow’s streets, are coming together to form litter picking groups.

Harrow Litter Pickers are a team of residents who have had enough of living in a mess caused by these selfish people and are now looking for more local heroes to help clean up our streets and parks across the borough so we can all be proud of where we live.

Casey Dalton who leads the South Harrow litter Pickers is working with McDonalds in Shaftesbury Circle to create a hub for volunteers to pick up equipment and bags.

Casey said: “We have set up a reporting page where groups and individuals can log the number of bags they fill each session, and the number of fly-tips they report to Harrow Council.


“Our volunteer litter pickers have spent a whopping 812 hours clearing an eyewatering 1101 bags from around the Borough since July 2021.

“More volunteers are joining us as the word gets out. It’s been great to meet so many who care about the mess some people are leaving on our streets.

Georgia Weston has recently formed the North Harrow Litter Pickers, who have already collected over 30 bags of rubbish and reported a number of fly-tips.

Georgia said: “We have opened a WhatsApp group so North Harrow residents can coordinate the time and place we meet up each week. We are steadily growing in number, and we use the Harrow Litter Pickers Facebook Page to advertise our sessions.

North Harrow seems to have a lot of people dropping litter around, despite there being so many bins available for people to use – I just don’t get it! I really hope that when people see our volunteers cleaning up North Harrow, it will inspire others to get out there and take back our streets from the blight of the litter-bugs.

Harrow Council has provided Harrow Litter Pickers with more than 100 litter picking sets which are being distributed via 4 ‘Hubs’ around Harrow. Team leaders are always on hand to provide health and safety support.

If you want to volunteer as a litter picker, or even set up your own litter picking group, please join the Harrow Litter Pickers Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/harrowlitterpickers If you’re not on Facebook, you can email: Harrowlitterpickers@outlook.com and someone will help get you started.

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