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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Harrow residents discuss wishes for the borough in 2022

Harrow residents have shared their views and wishes for the borough as we head into the new year, and what new things they would like to see happen in within the community in 2022.

Posting via Harrow Online’s Facebook group, residents discussed various topics such as crime and policing, retail, council improvements and amenities.

Raja M Awais posted: “In 2022 we would like to see harrow as a sublime communal entity, a town of tranquility, a place of brotherhood, a society where we learn from each other the supremacy of patience and acceptance. Harrow is not just our town, its also our house. Let’s try to make it a symbol of excellence in 2022.”

Echoing Raja’s sentiments, Jaqueline McMullen Crick posted: “Less flats more green spaces for people to enjoy after these last 21 months and I think these viruses will come and go, and people need to relax and have quiet time.”

Also commenting on Harrow’s green spaces, Hazeldene Residents Group commented: “More trees, more colourful plants, more wildlife more music, more laughter, more people engaging in their community, more thinking.”

Commenting on crime in the borough, Sundeep Goyal said: “I read through all the comments so far and was surprised not to see anyone talking about the safety and crime aspects of the place. As the very first thing, I would want to live in a safer neighbourhood where I don’t get to hear stabbing incidents every other day.

“Rest all things like stores, facilities, parks etc etc are most welcome of course.”

In response, Barbara Mk said: “I agree with you, but if the kids had some kind of activity and the parents spent more time in control of their kids, it wouldn’t be all of this. You have to remember that in what children grow up, the later they become”

Also responding to Sundeep, Trish Waithe said: “Improved facilities, better investment infrastructure, improved street lighting, clean streets, access to green open spaces and activities all help to reduce certain crimes. Without all of these elements, residents tend to lose hope, non residents avoid the area and businesses don’t invest or rent properties in the area creating an environment for crime.”

Susan Budd focussed her comments on potential activities that could be improved in Harrow. She said: “More police patrolling, roads resurfaced when needed, things for7 families and kids to do (bowling, cheap rates at cinemas on certain days, skatepark or skating), and look after the parks more.”

Debbie Steers added: “More family orientated place to go as a family ,bowling, soft play, skating, Make it a fun place to be.”

Comments about retail in Harrow included The following from Missy Bhogal: “Add a Waitrose, Zara and higher market shops to bring in people from wider areas to shop here. Include greener areas where people can relax and reduce the number of chicken shops!”

Harry Patel added: “I’d like to see some extra sports shops and places to get sporting equipment, not really anything locally that offers much in the way of gym wear”.