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Harrow residents urged not to ‘try and stop’ catalytic converter thefts and call 999

After a surge in catalytic converter thefts across Harrow, residents have been advised not to try and stop the thieves in progress. 

Multiple thefts are believed to have occurred last night (14 Jan) in Hatch End and Pinner.

Hatch End Police tweeted: “Notice: recent report of catalytic converter thefts.

– install CCTV
– install an anti-theft device to your catalytic converter
– install a tilt sensor to activate the alarm

If you see it in progress:
– Call 999
– Please don’t try to stop them
– Provide full details.”

This comes after a number of people have posted video footage recorded by their doorbell cameras showing thieves in operation.

One member of the Harrow Online Group posted: “Last night at 8pm I heard an angle grinder being used on my car on the front driveway. I opened shutter to see someone at my car. I ran out into the hallway and opened front door to be met by a second person with a raised iron bar on my front door step. screaming at me to get back in f#@+ing house.

“Stolen catalytic converter. All over in less than 30 seconds. It appears it’s now happening with menaces. Police say 6 or 7 in the central Harrow / Pinner area in an hour last night, If you experience this don’t challenge them ring 999”

Another person commented: “That happened outside mine, there was a noise so my neighbour asked what they were doing to another neighbours car, then just for him asking, they smashed up his new BMW with an iron bar and still took the catalytic converter of the neighbours car. Two cars turned up to do it, a couple of guys jumped out one car and another car was was waiting for it, got in, then sped off.”