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How the council is boosting Harrow’s parks for children in the borough

Child’s Play For Harrow – How the council is boosting Harrow’s parks with new play equipment for the kids

Having the opportunity to spend time outdoors has always been important for children and, never more so than during the COVID-19 pandemic when we all spent an unprecedented amount of time indoors.  In Harrow, we’re incredibly lucky to have a whopping 44 parks, many of which feature play equipment for children and, in recent times, Harrow Council has renewed its commitment to providing safe and fun outdoor spaces for the little ones.

Getting into the swing of things

The most recent of Harrow’s initiatives is the Cedars Open Space project which secured funding and support from a number of organisations and individuals, including Cedars Pre-School, the Harrow Parks Management Team and, the Harrow Community and Engagement Councillor, Sue Anderson.  The ambitious project focused on inclusion and has provided specialist equipment such as an Ability trampoline and swing set for wheelchair users, safety surfacing, picnic tables and disabled toilets.  This ground-breaking project means that disabled children are now able to play alongside able-bodied kids and, has been praised by parents across the borough.  A representative of the project said, ‘We are very grateful for everyone who supported the project – from every parent who took part in the consultation stage to members of the fundraising team.  It has truly been a community vision with a truly concerted community effort to get us to this stage’.