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Harrow’s Fine Figures – A look at our borough’s statues and memorials

By Nicci Rae

Harrow has plenty of active residents as we head into 2022 – and a fair few not so active ones. Take a tour around our borough and you’ll come across any number of statues and memorials – some that you may be familiar with and some that you may have missed.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the unique and fascinating structures that make up the borough of Harrow:


Probably the most well known statue in Harrow, Katie takes pride of place in the town centre with her infamous skipping rope.  Built in 1987 to celebrate the launch of the new pedestrianised shopping centre, inspiration for the statue came from the daughter of the creator, James Butler – a Warwickshire artist and sculptor who won the commission in a competition. . In 2012, at the age of 80, James Butler said, ‘It was a very enjoyable project from the start, with a gentle and charming subject that lifts the spirits, so I’m very pleased people still like it.”

Elizabeth I

If you take a stroll past the south tower of The Speech Room of Harrow School, you’ll come across the noble figure of Elizabeth 1.  Created by Ricahrd Westmacott, the statue, which overlooks Peterborough Road, was moved to Harrow School in 1925.

The Two Eagles

Eagle eyed (aherm) Harrow residents will have spotted these two majestic birds at number 70 High Street in Harrow.  While very little is known about these eagles, they’re very much a feature of this beautiful part of Harrow.

Charles I