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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Harrow residents debate whether Boris should stay or go

Harrow residents have been debating whether they would like to see Boris Johnson remain as Prime Minister.

The question was posted to members of the Harrow Online Group as to whether Boris should go or stay in his role as PM after the partygate scandal.

Here are some of the responses posted in the group today:

“No, look at fact’s, he’s the first to need to deal with a pandemic of this size, there’s no rule or guide book to deal with this, he has only gone by what he thought was the right way to deal with this, turn the table to the public, at the beginning of all of this we were asked to to stay in at home , thousands didn’t ,the public need to take some responsibility, yes Boris has made some bad choices bad judgement calls, he’s only human, I’m pretty sure things wouldn’t be any better if we had some one else doing his job, this pandemic is a first since the plague, give the man a rest, he is under so much pressure, we can’t lay all the blame at his door, we are a country he is one man, I think Karn is doing more damage than Boris”

“I would like to know from those that think he should go about who should replace him? As he has done well throughout this pandemic to try and keep the economy rolling, along with the coming out of EU. Yes he has done somethings that it may should of not done, but nobody is perfect. Even the greats of our time have some kind of fault in them.”

“Yes – 150,000 dead, over 1 million with Long COVID due to his delays in implementing measures. Failed to act on issues identified in 2017 by review of pandemic readiness. Spent billions on PPE from his mates and a test and trace system that failed”

“The replacement will probably be another PM that doesn’t do anything with the crisis. He needs to get in proper advisors who have life experience rather than politics degree.”

“Yes of course he should go. It’s not the fact that he clearly didn’t abide by his own rules nearly 2 years ago, it’s the fact that he lied about it in Parliament both last month and last week. There’s no place for a Prime Minister that will blatantly lie to the rest of the Government and to the Country he was elected to serve.”

“No. He got us out of the EU (agree or not). He and his govt have given us furlough, got the vaccine procurement right and given us freedoms that other countries can only dream of. I’d rather a flawed bloke like Boris than a squeakie clean but incompetent like Starmer.”

“Of course he should go. At a time of uncertainty and fear unknown to most people in the country, he disobeyed his own rules. People died alone and families weren’t allowed to come together and grieve them. Jobs lost, businesses folded, people stretched beyond belief. We, as a nation, came together and supported each other by following the rules, despite the toll it took. Boris, however, chose not to. He chose to undermine our sacrifices not for any great cause but for a beer and a chinwag.”

“Not sure who he could replace him at the moment, but he has let the whole country down and some how needs to put it right, but no, don’t think he should go yet…”