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New ‘Ice Age’ attraction coming and it’s only twenty minutes drive from Harrow

The Ice Age is set to return this year as a troupe of Woolly Mammoths, Saber-Toothed Tigers and Cave Lions march through Watford’s Cassiobury Park this April.

Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom will see over 40 animatronic creatures from the glacial periods resurface in parks in London, Buxton, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Launching at Cassiobury Park in Watford, just 20 minutes drive from Harrowon April 2, the event will centre around a mesmerising, life-sized Woolly Mammoth that will stand 10ft high. The event will be open throughout the Easter period from the 2nd to 18th April 2022 and makes for the perfect family day out.


The Ice Age’s most recognisable beast will be joined by other, extinct creatures including the Mastodon – a similarly huge predecessor to the elephant; the giant lizard, Megalania; big cats including the American Cheetah and North American Lion and a bizarre, giraffe/moose hybrid called the Sivatherium.

Guests will also be able to see beasts of the sky, including the Eagle-like Teratorni, and flightless birds such as the Bullockornis Planei and the terrifying, carnivorous Titanis.

The educational event will introduce visitors to the awe- inspiring Ice Age creatures and allow them to trace their evolution into the animals we share our planet with today.

New ‘Ice Age’ attraction coming and it’s only twenty minutes drive from Harrow Harrow Online
Credit: Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom

Naz Kabir of organisers Cultent Events, says: “The Ice Age is a fascinating era, not least because it offers such a clear link between the Jurassic period and today. Looking at the creatures on display at Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom, it’s impossible not to notice that so many of these animals look like ferocious dinosaurs, but at the same time are obvious predecessors to the elephants, rhinoceroses, camels, kangaroos and big cats we know so well.

“Seeing these beasts come to life is a thrilling experience and we can’t wait to share it with people up and down the United Kingdom.”

The animatronic installations will feature information panels, containing interesting facts about each creature, ensuring a visit to Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom will be as educational as it is exciting. And guests will be invited to watch documentaries about the period in the Education Cinema Marquee along the route, bringing the beasts to life and showing how they roamed the earth some 70,000 years ago.

An excavation sand pit will allow children to dig for their own, Ice Age fossil and learn how archaeologists discovered the extinct species of past eras and a VR experience will offer the chance to escape into a different world.

Food and refreshments will be available along the route and a merchandise trailer at the end of the route for children to purchase a souvenir.

Guests are free to roam the park as they wish, and discover the animals lurking behind bushes and creeping through the undergrowth.

Earlybird tickets are available now for the London event. For a 20% discount, visit www.iceagekingdom.com and use the code EARLYBIRD20.

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