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Harrow residents discuss concerns over rising energy bills

Household bills have reached a record high, and the energy price cap is expected to go up again in April this year, by as much as 50%.

For Harrow residents and households across the country, this is worrying news, especially for people already struggling after a two-year-long pandemic.

The average annual energy bill could go up to almost £2,000 per year.

Via the Harrow Online Group, residents have been discussing the impact this will have on them, and their thoughts and feelings about the increase in costs.

“It will be a devastating, especially for the low income families. I hope there might be an expert on this problem,in our group who will be giving some advice how to tackle the problem.”

“It means my heating will only be on for 2 hours a day, instead of 4 hours”

”I will have to work more hours and less time with the family, I already have had a hike from £70 to £149 month”

“Angry and robbed. No wonder there are so many robberies. People can’t live off of there wages anymore. “

“This is so depressing, my bill this month was awful, but if we don’t pay we have no energy, I don’t know what the answer is.”

“All we do is pay out and all the government do is take and take. They make me sick and never do right by us people. More work and less time with the family.”

”I am broken. I can’t afford to pay the bills at the moment right now anyway, this is just more misery for us all, surely there must be something that can be done to help people out a bit more? I can work more hours and hopefully get by, but what about the people that can’t? It could be a choice between heating and eating, and that’s just not fair. I hope to see changes soon, and hope the government can intervene in some way.”

“Very sad as our pay don’t rise so what are we being put through. God help us all”.”

“Will have to look for higher paying job or second job income.”

”My concern is that people could turn to crime. In Harrow we are already seeing a rise in catalytic converter thefts, and I feel that I am seeing more burglaries, I hope that people don’t resort to crime to help pay for this. It’s worrying.”

”I am waiting for all of this to blow over, I hope that energy firms can introduce something to help the people that really need it out.”

Over half of people over-65, said they would have to heat their home less if their bills increase, a recent survey for Age UK found.

A Government spokesperson said: ‘We know this has been a challenging time for many people, which is why we’re providing support worth around £12 billion this financial year and next to help households across the country with the cost of living.

‘Our winter fuel payments are supporting over 11 million pensioners with their energy bills and we are continuing to encourage those eligible for Pension Credit, and the wide range of other benefits it can provide, to make a claim.’