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An all inclusive borough: How Harrow makes everyone welcome

An All Inclusive Borough – From inclusive dance to playgrounds; how Harrow makes everyone welcome.

The Borough of Harrow has a lot going for it – from its cosmopolitan bars and restaurants to its wide open spaces, there’s something for everyone – quite literally!  In 2022, inclusion is more important than ever before and, in this article, we’ll look at just some of the ways in which Harrow is leading the charge in making sure that nothing is off limits; whoever you are:

Levelling the playing field


An all inclusive borough: How Harrow makes everyone welcome Harrow Online

For most children, parks and playgrounds are a source of pleasure, however, for kids with disabilities, these play areas have, in the past, been no-go zones.  Harrow has recently opened up the world of play with the new Cedars Open Space project which features specialist equipment including an Ability Trampoline and a swing set which is specially adapted for wheelchair users.  Paid for through funding by several individuals and organisations, including the Cedars Pre-School and the Harrow Parks Management Team, the Cedars Open Space will ensure that nobody is left out when it comes to play dates in the great outdoors.

Making a move

In conjunction with Para Dance Uk and Para Dance Sport, Harrow Arts Centre has introduced its Inclusive Dance Day, scheduled for October 2022.  The event, which will be held by Zoom, consists of three separate dance sessions and, the sessions have been specially created for participants with mobility challenges, including wheelchair users.  During the sessions, those with disabilities as well as able bodied participants will enjoy dance lessons led by experienced practitioners and, attendance costs just £3 with free membership for under 16s.  

Strictly for the kids