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Delivery scooters ordered to stay off Harrow pavements, or face a fine

We’ve never been more reliant on our delivery riders – with people spending more time at home.

Fast food deliveries are reported to have risen by nearly a quarter during the pandemic, with one in 12 of us using a home takeaway service for the first time.

But that means we’ve also seen an increase in complaints about scooters and mopeds blocking pavements and footpaths as they wait outside restaurants and takeaways to pick up orders.


Harrow Council’s Community Safety unit joined up with Harrow BID, food companies and the police to deliver a solution.

From Monday (7 February 2022), takeaway riders will need to use one of several safe parking sites around the town centre that provide quick and easy access to food outlets, or face a fine.

Cllr Peymana Assad, Portfolio Holder for Community Cohesion, Crime and Enforcement said: “We don’t want to stop anyone doing their job, but we need to ensure the safety of everyone using the town centre. We’ve worked with the delivery companies to make sure riders are aware of where they can safely wait, so paths are clear for visitors and those at home still get their takeaways. Everyone wins.”

Environment Officers will be carrying out patrols in the areas to enforce the new rules and Harrow Council will be organising days of action in the town centre to address any further problems.

Residents can Report issues with blocked pavements online.

Source: Harrow Council

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