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Neighbours facing the axe after nearly forty years on TV

Hit Aussie soap opera Neighbours is reportedly facing the axe by Channel 5 after nearly forty years on our television screens.

Reports across the media today suggest that Channel 5 are potentially making plans for its final episode.

Although yet to be confirmed, it has been reported that Channel 5 is going to stop its funding for the programme for budget reasons.

According to The Sun, the final episode may feature some surprise returns, such as Kylie Minougue who’s career was launched by the hit show back in the 1980s.

Fans of the show are said to be distraught. One person said: “ I have been watching this television show since I was about five years old, I will miss it very much if it indeed it does get axed, As it is right now I watch it all the time and it is a regular part of my week. I remember the days back in the 1980s when it first started out and I’ve been watching it ever since then. I hope these rumours are not true.

Another person said: This is terrible terrible news. The show has helped launch so many stars, it will be sorely missed. What will we watch now when we get in from work?

The show currently gets over 1 million viewers in the UK every single day. It has been a mainstay on British television for nearly 40 years, and this is its 37th year.