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Car vandalised with spray paint in Wealdstone

A car has been vandalised in what appears to be a random attack in Wealdstone yesterday (7 Feb).

The car bonnet was attacked with a hammer, and the vehicle has also been sprayed with black paint.

The victim of the incident, a Harrow resident, contacted Harrow Online saying: “I have had my car vandalised. Someone wrote some obscene stuff on it and I was going to take it to the car wash the next day but someone else hammered the bonnet and sprayed the car.”


In addition to the spray paint and bonnet damage, the person appears to have scrawled “Free Mason Greenwood” on the rear of the vehicle.

Car vandalised with spray paint in Wealdstone Harrow Online

The car was parked in Wealdstone near Lockett Road when the incident happened.

This has been reported to the police who have confirmed the report was received.



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