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Power cut hits houses and businesses across Harrow

There has been a major power outage across parts of Harrow tonight leaving thousands of people without electricity. 

Many people have taken to social media to ask others about the cuts, hundreds of houses are affected across the borough.

UK Power Networks have confirmed that the following areas are affected: H A, HA0 2, HA2 0, HA3 0, HA3 6, HA3 7, HA3 8, HA3 9, HA5 4, HA6 1, HA7 1, HA7 2, HA7 3, HA7 4, HA8 0, HA8 5, HA8 6, HA8 7, HA8 8, HA8 9, HA9 8, HA9 9, MK40 2, NW9 6, WD2 1, WD23 1

The first update said: “We were investigating a high voltage electricity cable that was damaged, causing a power cut in the local area.

“This power cut was reported at 18:02, 13 Feb 2022”

The latest update from UK Power Networks posted at 6:30pm says: “Update at 18:30 – Our engineers are on their way. At this point we think the issue is a fault on the high voltage electrical network affecting several thousand properties. Specialist engineers from our control room are also working to divert power remotely, so it’s possible for your power to come back on at any point, but sometimes we can’t restore everyone this way. That’s why we’re also sending staff to the area to check our equipment.

“Every fault is different, so our time frames have to be estimated but currently we hope to have power back on between 20:30 and 21:30 We must stress that it may become necessary for this to change, depending on what our engineers find. We’ll keep you updated with our progress.”