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Boris Johnson to make statement in the House of Commons today about UK response to Russia

The prime minister will make a statement to the House of Commons today at 5pm after he President Putin launched a military assault in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister chaired an emergency Cobra meeting this morning and is due to make a statement to detail new sanctions against Russia.

The PM Johnson tweeted: “President Putin has chosen a path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack on Ukraine.”


Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer issued a statement saying: “Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine is unprovoked and unjustifiable. His actions will have horrendous and tragic consequences that will echo throughout the world and throughout history.

“All those who believe in the triumph of democracy over dictatorship, good over evil, freedom over the jackboot of tyranny must now support the Ukrainian people. They have been cast onto the frontline of a war, simply for existing.”

“There will be dark days ahead.” He added.

“I know people in this country will be feeling worried and uncertain. And I know that Ukrainians and Russians here in the UK will be worrying for friends and family back home. Our hearts are with them today.

“We must now match our rhetoric with action. We must urgently reinforce our NATO allies. The hardest possible sanctions must be taken against all those linked to Putin.“

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