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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Harrow residents discuss the best things about living in the borough

Whether you live in Stanmore, Wealdstone or Pinner…there’s lots to love about each part of Harrow.

From the plethora of restaurants and eateries, to the vast array of parks and open spaces, there’s lots to be positive about as we head into Spring time.

Harrow has many great public transport links to Central London and beyond. We are blessed with one of the most famous schools in the world, the famous Harrow School, and we are one of the most culturally diverse boroughs in London.

We asked our group members to tell us what they like (or indeed love) about life in Harrow. Read some of the responses below…

“Beautiful parks and close to countryside, the lovely Heath Robinson museum in Pinner. Good public transport links into Central London.”

“Harrow Leisure Centre and it’s swimming pool. Lots of space for sports and the pools are both huge, not seen a bigger one in any other centre I’ve been to.”

”I love going to Stanmore common for my walks. It’s so relaxing walking around there with my dogs, I often go to Bentley Priory too which has the most beautiful wildlife. We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place with so much to see and do.”

“Great open spaces, Harrow on the Hill, restaurants with food from all over the world, nice neighbours & good transport links.”

”Feeding the ducks in Headstone park with my grandchildren. We’ve been going there for years.”

“Pinner high street is really beautiful and has some great independent restaurants. I find people a lot more friendly and nicer then when I lived in South London.”

“I love diversity, so the multitude of cultures and ethnic backgrounds in Harrow is a plus. I love that my daughter has the opportunity to go to an outstanding school and the revamped park near me (Headstone Manor) provides a beautiful place to walk around or have a coffee with a friend.”

Wealdstone is full of nice places to eat. I love the murals on the walls too, very artistic! Whoever made them should be proud.”

”Walking around Harrow-on-the-Hill with the Harrow Boys School & the High street & church. Magical place for me!.”

”There’s loads of good things about Harrow but sometimes I think people just focus on the negatives. For example: Hatch End and Pinner have hardly changed at all over the years, they have lots of places to eat, coffee shops, nice parks to go for a walk – so much really. I’m always sad when I see people moaning about it because it’s really not that bad at all.”

“The Castle, Church Fields, and St Mary’s.”

”The Dolls House Cafe in Harrow on the Hill. A quirky little place that sells some nice treats. If your readers haven’t been there, I suggest they check it out”.

“Although it may not be as popular as Watford, I actually like St George’s and St Anns shopping centres. And the new Landmark is cool in the town centre, st least Harrow has some branded shops now as for a while there was a lot of pop up places.”

”There’s certainly a charm to Harrow, yes we have our issues, but it’s still a lovely place to live. I love the fireworks display each year”.

“My favourite thing about Harrow is going for long walks in Old Redding it’s perfect in Spring as we go looking for daffodils.”

“Harrow-on-the-Hill is absolutely beautiful. It’s like a small village in the heart of London. I also love how you can get wonderful views of central London from between the historic building.”

“I have always been drawn back to Harrow , lived in Jersey Spain, Holland all lovely places but the community spirit of Harrow and the many many friends old and new beats any nice view, shops etc – Harrow has lots of green spaces is a safer borough than many and to me its home – despite the changes but change is a good thing if you embrace it.”

”The museums are a great place to go if you have kids, Headstone Manor and Bentley Priory are full of information and facts you might not know. There’s also a great one in Pinner Memorial Park called the Heath Robinson museum.”