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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Harrow residents share memories of The Case is Altered pub

Since the news we posted earlier in the week, people have had the opportunity to reflect about the Case is Altered, and what it has meant to Harrow residents over the years.

The single-bar pub has been part of the community since the 1800’s, and was often a popular destination for a Sunday roast, or a quiet summer evening drink.

BUT all is not lost, we have been asking members of the Harrow Online Group to share their memories of the pub, some have been a welcome dose of nostalgia.

“We use to always go there in the 70s when I was a child and would play on the swing rope for hours. We went there when it was was the queen’s Jubilee and we all got given flags to wave.”

”Had some lovley times there over the years shame it’s going.”

“There was always The Hare and The Case. We would go there and to the nearby nightclub back in the late 80s, top place to go on a night out.”

“We used to live on the Royston Park Road at Oxhey Lane and had often walked up the Old Redding, such beautiful memories of the freshest air with the twist in the road all the way to the right after the parking overseeing Harrow, Case is Altered had us go back in time what it would have been like years ago when it was created.”

”Me and my cousins would go down there during the summer, the childrens play area was huge and you could just walk into the woods at the back. There was something special about it and the place won’t be the same now it’s going. I’ll miss it.”

”Party for Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s Wedding, with barbecue and football match.”

“Was a great place for dropping in…when walking, taking children there..nice ..even on new years eve. It will be missed.”

”Went on several dates there, it was the perfect place for courting in my younger days, it was actually quite a romantic setting  all in all.”

“Used to have sunday lunch there sometimes. Proper old skool country pub.”

”I once went there to watch the football, think it was England vs Germany at the Euros in 96, what an atmosphere! The whole pub was practically out in the garden and everyone was cheering…until we lost that is lol.”

”Me and my friends used to meet up there for a drink before we went next door to Middx and Herts, sadly no more.
It was beautiful in the summer when the gardens were open.”

”A yellow slide!!! It was so hard it would give us electric shocks as we went down it, but I did love this pub as a child. Lots of very happy memories over the years.”