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Harrow rain turns BROWN as ‘dust storm’ covers borough

Harrow residents were surprised to find the sky a shade of yellow earlier as the sand storm from the Sahara Desert moved over the borough.

Dust from the Sahara also turned the rain a strange reddish brown colour, in parts of Harrow today according to members of our Facebook groups.

Harrow rain turns BROWN as ‘dust storm’ covers borough Harrow Online
Credit: Ian-Luke Penwald

The sand has been causing lots of issues in Spain. There are reports coming in from Almería, that members of the public have needed medical treatment due to breathing difficulties, a teachers union has even asked the government to close schools.


One person said on Facebook: “Why is the sky yellow and the rain is broken? What’s going on?!”

Another member of Harrow Online said: “What is this brown liquid stuff falling from the skies over Harrow right now??”

Thankfully, the sand is unlikely to cause the same level of trouble here as it has in Spain,

If you have any images or footage of the storm, feel free to send them into Harrow Online via WhatsApp – 07999 293 922, or you can email us at info@harrowonline.org

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