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Harrow residents want more police on the streets

Harrow residents are calling for more police on the streets following a poll posted in our Facebook group.

The poll asked residents to vote from a series of options that would ‘benefit Harrow’, these included more youth facilities, investment into infrastructure, better transport services, more housing, or improved shops.

The option for more police on the streets won the poll by an overwhelming majority. The second most popular vote went to the more youth facilities option.

Recently, Labour MP for Harrow West, Gareth Thomas, wrote to the government asking why Harrow Town Centre had been seemingly left out of a dedicated town centre plan of policing: “I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss these issues and to understand in greater detail why a dedicated Town Centre Police Team for Harrow Town Centre has not yet been allocated”, he said.

We asked residents to post reasonings for their votes in the poll, below are some of the responses.

“We need all of the above but definitely need more for the young people of Harrow to do, they can go to the cinema for £9 a visit, not suprising they hang out on street corners instead but then that makes older people feel vulnerable.”

“Harrow Town Centre definitely needs investment and to be brought up to date. It’s been flagging for years now and offers no inspiration whatsoever. In general, the area just needs a lift, better crime prevention and a better choice of shops.”

“We need government investment in everything, hospitals and doctors surgery’s, youth clubs, roads, policing then private investment into new shops, independent boutiques, farmers markets, street foods, business centres and a decent bloody pub!!!”

“We need street cleaners back out on the streets, they could get the young people to help out specially the ones that make the mess. People need to stop putting their stuff out on the grass, if you don’t want it, advertise it, take it to charity shop or to the dump.”

“All of them but i think that many problems stem from the cost of living. Families are having to work too hard, with both parents working or single parents working long hours doing more than one job just to keep afloat. This has a knock on effect of having less quality time with their children. It’s not good for the kids which shows in their behaviour.”

“More police on the streets its not safe to walk around Harrow Town centre especially at night.”

“£50 million pounds returned to Harrow that has been stolen by this Government. Austerity for working people, whilst the rich get richer, has damaged Harrow over past 10 years.”