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Energy provider websites crash as people urged to submit readings before price hike

With energy bills taking a huge increase tomorrow (Friday April 1) it is absolutely crucial that households take a look at their energy meters to ensure they get cheapest rates possible – before it’s too late.

It has been advised that people who do not submit their reading risk being charged on a higher unit price which is around £693 more expensive.

With inflation going through the roof, the new energy price hike is going to hit families across the country hard. People have been taking to social media to express their concerns about the situation.

One person tweeted: “I can just about afford to get by as it is, I have no idea how I’m going to find the extra money each month to pay for this. When will people catch a break?!”

Consumer energy groups are advising everyone to take their meter readings and submit to their providers websites, but systems have gone into overdrive and many providers sites have crashed today as people scramble to get their readings in.

One person said on Twitter: “@BritishGas @BritishGasHelp If I cannot access your site (as it keeps crashing) to record my meter reading what is the proviso for submitting it after today pls? #EnergyPrices”

Another said: “So one the day everyone needs to get their meter readings in, @ScottishPower phones, app and website are all down? Anyone know if other companies are the same?#EnergyPrices #moneysavingexpert @MartinSLewis @GMB

Octopus Energy tweeted: “Chat about #MeterReadingDay means loads of people on our variable tariff Flexible Octopus are trying to add readings via phone & our site right now, so both are slower than usual. There’s no rush to add readings: it’s actually better to give them on the 2nd. Resh explains below”

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