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Local elections 2022: Your full list of candidates in Harrow

Harrow Council have revealed the full list of candidates standing for Harrow election 2022.

This year, the number of Harrow Councillors will be reduced from 63 to 55, meaning eight less seats on offer. 

The local elections take place in May. In order to vote, registered which takes just a couple of minutes online. You can register here – gov.uk/registertovote

The full list of candidates are as follows…


Sue Elizabeth Anderson – Labour Party
Annie Kendall – Independent Network
Kuldeep Mathur – Labour Party
Sunita Metha – Green Party
Mina Parmar – Conservative Party
Anjana Patel – Conservative Party


James Richard Bore – Liberal Democrats
Sanjay Jitendra Dighe – Labour Party
Ameet Jogia – Conservative Party
Linda Joy Lockie – Labour Party
Amir Moshenson – Conservative Party


David Julian Ashton – Conservative Party
Govind Bharadia – Conservative Party
Salim Chowdhury – Conservative Party
Laurence John Cox – Liberal Democrats
Nishi Karia – Liberal Democrats
Parvine Mawkin – Labour and Co-operative Party
Brahma Mihir Mohanty – Labour and Co-operative Party
Ibrahim Yusuf Yusuf – Labour and Co-operative Party


Nicola Blackman – Conservative Party
Steven Kuo – Liberal Democrats
James Robert Lee – Labour Party
Angelica Murphy-Strachan – Labour Party
Nitin Parekh – Labour Party
Yogesh Ratilal Teli – Conservative Party
Stefan Voloseniuc – Conservative Party


Ali Ghazanfar – Labour Party
Dan Anderson – Labour Party
Rhys Andrew Benjamin – Conservative Party
Nahid Boethe – Liberal Democrats
Simon John Dunkerley – Conservative Party
Eileen Mary Kinnear – Conservative Party
Sonia Amy Moore – Green Party
Prakash Nandhra – Liberal Democrats
Aneka Navin Shah-Levy – Labour Party
Lucy Isabella Tonge – Liberal Democrats

Harrow on the Hill

Soody Kim – Green Party
Gaye Branch – Liberal Democrat
Kiran Fothergill – Conservative Party
Stephen Hickman – Labour Party
Will Jackson – Conservative Party
Eden Victoria Kulig – Labour Party



Harrow Weald

Ahmed Ali-Ashghar – Labour Party
Ramji Kanji Chauhan – Conservative Party
Darren Simon Diamond – Liberal Democrats
Stephen Anthony Greek – Conservative Party
Sophie Green – Labour Party
Derek Arthur Hill – Liberal Democrats
Pritesh Patel – Conservative Party
Tijinder Kumar Sharma – Labour Party
Valerie Margaret Taylor – Liberal Democrats

Hatch End

Matthew John Adam Goodwin-Freeman – Conservative Party
Susan Mary Hall – Conservative Party
Sarah Mona Ismail – Liberal Democrats
Ninni Dinesh Patel – Labour Party
Ian Jeffrey Price – Reform UK
Bhavna Roopram – Green Party
Bill Stephenson – Labour Party


Simon Brown – Labour Party
Geoffrey Peter Eldridge – Independent
Tony Levene – Liberal Democrats
Lesline Patricia Lewinson – Conservative Party
Adele Poskitt – Green Party
Natasha Proctor – Labour Party
Pietro Rescia – Liberal Democrats
Anthony Harry Seymour – Conservative Party
Heshma Shah – Independent
Vijay Yeshwanth Singh – Conservative Party
Sasi Suresh – Labour Party
Mary Ellen Turner – Independent

Kenton East

Rohin Dixit – Labour Party
Chetna Halai – Conservative Party
Nitesh Harani – Conservative Party
Rangdatt Janakkumar Joshi – Labour Party
Manju Shivji Raghwani – Labour Party
Samir Sobhagchand Sumaria – Conservative Party

Kenton West

Charles David Boethe – Liberal Democrats
Ajay Harilal Maru – Labour and Co-operative Party
Vipin Chhotalal Mithani – Conservative Party
Kanti Rabadia – Conservative Party


David Monah Al-Basha – Liberal Democrats
Paolo Cesare Arrigo – Liberal Democrats
Edmond Bicari – Independent
Laurence John Mathias – Green Party
Samantha Pali – Independent
Varsha Parmar – Labour Party
Jaydeep Kantilal Patel – Independent
Nish Patel – Independent
David Richard Perry – Labour Party
Savitha Prakash – Conservative Party
Dinesh Solanki – Conservative Party
Antonio Eduardo Weiss – Labour Party

North Harrow

Marshel Amutharasan – Liberal Democrats
Christopher John Baxter – Conservative Party
Hugh James Brown – Labour and Co-operative Party
Janet Teresa Mote – Conservative Party
Emma Jane Wallace – Green Party
Georgia Lin Weston – Labour and Co-operative Party


Jeffrey Allen Anderson – Labour Party
Jacalina Bunce-Linsell – Liberal Democrats
Veronica Margaret Chamberlain – Liberal Democrats
Kuha Kumaran – Conservative Party
Krystel Shin Pei Lee – Green Party
James Frank Lockie – Labour Party
Paul Simon Osbourne – Conservative Party
Lesley Stackpoole – Labour Party
Norman Shairp Stevenson – Conservative Party

Pinner South

June Rosemary Baxter – Conservative Party
Finley Brook Harnett – Labour Party
Hitesh Kantilal Karia – Conservative Party
Sanjay Karia – Liberal Democrats
Zbigniew Kowalczyk – Reform UK
Jean Lammimam – Conservative Party
Alexander Eng Soon Lee – Green Party
William Phillips – Labour Party
Raj Vakesan – Labour Party

Rayners Lane

Herbie Crossman – Independent
Thaya Idaikkadar – Conservative Party
Rowan Nicholas Langley – Green Party
Mala Morjaria – Conservative Party
Chris Noyce – Liberal Democrats
Gerri Noyce – Liberal Democrats
Tarza Ahmed Sharif – Labour Party
Krishna Suresh – Labour Party
Sockalingam Yogalingam – Independent


Graham Douglas Henson – Labour Party
Maxine Margaret Henson – Labour Party
John Stuart Haddon Hinkley – Conservative Party
Arunasalam Rajalingam – Conservative Party
Thomas Peter Yasin – Liberal Democrats


Peymana Assad – Labour and Co-operative Party
Rajagopal Deleepan – Conservative Party
Rashmi Suranga Kalu – Labour and Co-operative Party
Sockalingam Karunalingam – Conservative Party
Jerry Miles – Labour and Co-operative Party
Rameshchandra Swati Patel – Green Party
Subankani Pathmanathan Pratheepan – Conservative Party


Marilyn Joy Ashton – Conservative Party
Philip Richard Benjamin – Conservative Party
Jeffrey Charles Gallant – Labour Party
Hannah Louise Gibbons – Labour Party
Howard Keith Koch – Reform UK
Nikki Kopelman – Liberal Democrats
Philip Grenville Levy – Liberal Democrats
Sheila Michelle Levy – Liberal Democrats
Linda Carol Robinson – Green Party
Navin Shah – Labour Party
Zak Oliver Wagman – Conservative Party

Wealdstone North

Shahania Choudhury – Labour Party
Paul Francis Greek – Conservative Party
Phillip William O’Dell – Labour Party
Vinod Tikoo – Conservative Party

Wealdstone South

Kandy Ann Marie Dolor – Labour Party
Dean Gilligan – Labour Party
Naresh Gothadiya – Conservative Party
Manjibhai Kara – Conservative Party
Halema Khatun – Green Party

West Harrow

Em Dean – Liberal Democrats
Asif Hussain – Labour Party
Caroline Mojisola Ojo – Conservative Party
Rekha Shah – Labour Party
Monika Sobiecki – Green Party
Luke Andrew Titus Wilson – Conservative Party

Source: Harrow Council