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Behind The Badge: Detective Chief Inspector Naz Rana, from Wembley Police Station

For the April edition of Behind The Badge, Harrow Online spoke with Detective Chief Inspector Naz Rana, based at Wembley Police Station.


What is your current role?


This year will mark 27 years of service in the MPS. I am currently North West BCU’s Detective Chief Inspector – Proactive Local Investigations (CID) lead.



What made you decide to become a police officer?

In my eyes, police officers are modern day superheroes! Like other superheroes, such as Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman, we too have a uniform and are identified by that uniform. Superheroes do good things, save lives – as do we – the police. The only difference is that superheroes are fictional, the police are real!

And that is what made me want to become a police officer.



What are the difficult things in your job that the public may not realise?

We are humans, as much as we’d like to get everything right everytime – we don’t. And just like other people, and other organisations, we sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes, the public expectation of our ability, capability and access to resources is unrealistic – and that’s what makes our job harder to do.



What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Delivering justice for those that are most vulnerable.



What advice would you give to people thinking of joining the Met?

Do it! I know of no other job that provides such a variety of interesting work.



One more thing about me…

I always wanted to join Mounted Branch!

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