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Eastenders legend says he will “probably go back” to the show

We all love Eastenders, legends of the show frequently come and go, but for one family, this always seems to be the case more than others – The Jacksons.

After they name into the show way back in 1994, the Jacksons have been one of the more popular family. Originally it was Carol, Alan, Sonya, Bianca, Billy and Robbie (and Wellard, of course!) but the family have expanded over the years.

Eastenders legend, Dean Gaffney, who played the loveable Robbie Jackson said during an appearance on the The Matt Haycox Show, : “The thing is, I’ll get that 1,000th because I will, at some point, probably go back.

“The saddest thing is, when you get to 1,000 episodes the powers that be come down, bring some flowers and make a big fuss of you.

Eastenders legend says he will “probably go back” to the show Harrow Online
Dean Gaffney in Portugal. Credit: Bs0u10e01 via Wikimedia Commons.

“I’ve been back and forwards like a yo-yo now on EastEnders. Five or six times, probably the most of any actor or actress on the show.

“My first stint was for just under 11 years. I think I would’ve got to around 700 episodes then. It’s very easy to rack up those episodes if you’re in them.”