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Mum delivers ‘miracle’ baby at Northwick Park without realising she was pregnant

A young woman has given birth at Northwick Park Hospital without realising she was pregnant during a visit to A&E.

Lalene Malik, 23, was taken to Northwick Park Hospital by her parents after complaining of stomach pains and subsequently gave birth in the toilet.

She showed no prior signs of being pregnant with no noticeable baby bump or nausea and none of the fatigue commonly associated with pregnancy.

Lalene said: “I went to the toilet and called my mum for some sanitary towels when I noticed I was a bleeding a lot. My mum came, saw how much blood there was, and ran to get help.

“My mind just went blank. I had no idea I was pregnant. A doctor and nurses came rushing in and helped me. We were all crying. My dad must have been wondering what on earth was going on.”

Doctor Ewa Grocholski, 32, was with another patient in a nearby medical bay when she heard Lalene’s mother’s cry for help and rushed to assist.

Dr Grocholski said: “There was a lot of water and blood on the floor and when I helped Lelene away from the toilet noticed the umbilical cord was still attached and what looked like the placenta in the toilet.

“I told Lalene it looked like she had delivered a baby. She said that was impossible because she wasn’t pregnant.

“I quickly reached into the bowl and retrieved first the feet and then the rest of what turned out to be a big baby. He wasn’t responsive at first so I provided CPR on the floor while my colleague got further support.

“It was the longest six minutes of my life and I remember just saying: ‘Come on little man, come on. Thankfully, he responded. It was one of  the most amazing experience of my medical career.” 

“I was so happy for the mum. It was the talk of the department and it is great everything turned out well.

Lalene added: “My brother and sister were stunned when we got home and found they were an uncle and auntie. I call Mohammed Ibrahim my miracle baby and we couldn’t be happier.”

University bosses have agreed that Lalene can defer taking her Masters degree until next year after the unexpected addition to the Malik family, who live in Greenford, West London.