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Shopping locally: 94% of Harrow businesses are considered ‘small’

Most of the businesses here in Harrow are small businesses or micro-enterprises. No less than 94% of all businesses in Harrow have nine people (or less) employed.

These were some of the businesses that had a very hard time during the pandemic, thankfully many are luckily back on their feet.  

The last couple of years has shown the importance of supporting local businesses, when the pandemic hit the country, most had a very tough time indeed. Here in Harrow, this was no less than 94% of all businesses. We have an extremely high percentage of micro-enterprises (four people or less) and small businesses (nine people or less).

Many of the smaller businesses had to close during or following the pandemic, while others fought for survival.

All over the UK, small businesses pleaded with their local communities to remember to support the local trade by shopping with them. In essence, a new awareness of the importance of having small businesses in the community arose.

The community is built on finance and culture.

There are so many good reasons to support the local businesses. Many consumers became especially aware of how important this is after so many were having to shut down. It was suddenly verbalized that consumers needed to support the local community. This became particularly important in smaller communities, like Harrow, where 94% of the businesses are considered ‘small’.

It was clear that these businesses play a massive role in the culture of the community and of course, they also play a huge financial role too.

Starting small businesses in 2022

Luckily, many local businesses got through the tough times alive – albeit having suffered immensely. However, things have been looking up more recently now there’s a new focus on supporting small businesses in smaller communities.

Many new businesses have emerged during the pandemic and record numbers were reached. That has created a very flourishing entrepreneurial environment in the UK. If you’re thinking about starting a business, now is actually a very good time to do so.

Many of the businesses that emerged are based in the online world, partially or completely. If you want to start a business, building a brand presence online is of the utmost importance.

Focusing on building a coherent brand with a strong visual identity and a catchy business name. If you’re still considering whether to leap, you can start by finding a business name for your start-up. Get help and inspiration on https://biznamewiz.com/.

Shopping locally: 94% of Harrow businesses are considered ‘small’ Harrow Online

Shopping locally in the future

Although there wer rough times during the pandemic, many good things have also emerged. One of them is this new attention drawn to local businesses within the community.

As more and more people choose to go the entrepreneurial way, this is more important than ever. This will build local communities even stronger and continue to create more creative and diverse communities that have an array of local shopping opportunities.

This build-up will also mean stronger community economics, which is a really good thing.

87% of all Harrow businesses are already employing 4 people or less and it seems like this number will continue to rise in the coming years.