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Pinner voted ‘best part of Harrow to live in’ by residents

The people of Harrow have spoken! Pinner has been declared the nicest part of Harrow to live in following a readers poll.

With so many parts of Harrow having various selling points, whether it be the transport links and shopping in the Town Centre, or the scenic views and ambience of Harrow on the Hill, or the plethora of lovely restaurants in Hatch End, it’s clear the borough has a lot to offer it’s residents.

Pinner voted ‘best part of Harrow to live in’ by residents Harrow Online
Pinner High Street

We asked members of the Harrow Online Group to vote in a poll to declare the ‘Best Part of Harrow to Live in’ with Pinner coming out on top. In second place was Harrow on the Hill followed by Stanmore coming third.

Pinner voted ‘best part of Harrow to live in’ by residents Harrow Online
Pinner Memorial Park. Credit: Fred Watson

We also asked group members to give us their reasons behind votes, and tell us the reasoning behind their choice. Read the best responses below.

“I had lived on the Royston Park Rd, HA5 4AB closer to the Oxhey Lane, this was back in 1972, thereafter moved closer on the same road opposite the the Royston Grove, much peace and just felt at ease, a walk to the British Rail only took 15 minutes, loved the occasional riders with their horses.”

“I’m very happy where I live. I have good neighbours. Near a station, nice parks. Harrow has one of the lowest crime rates in London. The grass is always greener elsewhere. I count myself lucky to live here.”

“Harrow Weald with 3 supermarkets, chemist, key cut, hairdressers, optician, dentist, restaurants, cafe , bakery, launderette, vets, take away, loads of buses, park.”

”For me, Pinner is by far the best place in Harrow as it’s the cleanest, it has a lovely park with a museum and people always seem to be in a good mood. There’s a traditional pub and a very low crime rate compared to other parts of Harrow.”

“Some nice streets around Belmont circle and it is very handy: Health centre, chemists, opticians, dentists, a nice Chinese restaurant, (a few pubs as well), Tesco express and a choice of buses to get to either the Jubilee, the Met line or the overground. Walking distance from Centenary Park and Kenton recreation ground. You can also walk to Bentley priory and Cannons Park if you feel a bit more energetic…”

“I think Pinner and Hatch End should go head to head. Still think Pinner wins but the Hatch is sorely maligned not being pinned in the initial top 3 options.”

“Pinner thanks to it’s old traditions and community events they still hold to this day. You have St George’s Day celebrations they’ve just held, Pinner Fair once a year, Pinner Panto, parks, a traditional Village Tudor pub, anything I’ve missed?”

“I live on a country road and love it. Have lovely neighbours, love the little Tesco’s and Harrow Rec is fab.”

“I live in Cunningham Park and it’s perfect. Harrow Recreation Ground is just a minute walk from my house and it’s a beautiful park. My home is central being roughly a 17 minute walk from Harrow on the Hill station, Harrow and Wealdstone station, West Harrow station and North Harrow station. It’s a quiet road and residential area away from the noise of main roads and high streets. I am grateful to live here.”

“Harrow on the Hill it has big fields, a different world from the bottom of Harrow.”

“Harrow Weald has to win. We have a lovely park, two nice cafes, an Indian restaurant, a pub and Harrow Weald tennis club. We also have great community spirit.”


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