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School in Harrow wins in world’s biggest literacy competition

A school in Harrow has been crowned a winner in the ever popular ‘Word Mania’ 2022.

Uxendon Manor school in Harrow, was one of the winning schools of LiteracyPlanet’s interactive, digital word-building game. This year was the biggest yet for participation, activity, and scores.

The year 2 and year 6 students from Uxendon Manor triumphed in the global literacy competition.


Students from 2,607 schools across 68 countries challenged themselves to improve their literacy outcomes and built an astounding 103 MILLION words!

Students from across the United Kingdom in years 1-9 raced against the clock to help their school climb the leaderboard; dragging and rearranging letter tiles in only 3 minutes to build as many words as they could from a set of 15 randomly generated letters. 

Competing for a prize pool of £80,000, participants broke all Word Mania records in 2022; playing 4,790,865 games and dedicating 14,372,595 minutes to develop their word spelling skills.

The highest score in a single game achieved 43,496 points and the longest word created was ‘Otorhinolaryngologists’. 

“We have been blown away, dazzled and enthralled by the competition and skill of students all around the world,” said Tom Richardson, CEO, LiteracyPlanet. 

“Word Mania is first of all about having fun, but it is also about supporting teachers in driving interest, passion and understanding of words and language from their students. We’re so proud of Word Mania as an initiative that combines interactive gaming, a competitive environment and teamwork to engage students in their classrooms to improve literacy.” 

Congratulations to all the schools that participated.” 

One school in Scotland and seven schools spanning the length and breadth of England were crowned the winners of Word Mania 2022, with prizes allocated to the top three schools in each year.

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