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Northwick Park Hospital staff send much-needed medical equipment to Ukraine

Hospital departments from Northwick Park have banded together to provide much needed medical equipment for Ukraine.

Several van loads including anaesthetic and intensive care airway equipment, gowns, masks and gloves have made the two-day journey by road to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Jacek Borkowski, an anaesthetics consultant at Northwick Park Hospital, has been helping co-ordinate efforts with the help of colleagues.


“We found a London-based Ukrainian charity that delivers direct to hospitals in Ukraine although it is a dangerous journey once they cross the Polish border and often has to be undertaken at night.

“The demand for medical supplies is constant so every little bit helps and ideally we can find some way to supply any decommissioned ventilators or dialysis machines in future.

All the donated equipment has recently been classed as outof-date and would have been destroyed if not given a new lease of life.

Jacek, who plans to travel to Poland in the next month, said Polish people have great empathy for their neighbours.

“The support of all my colleagues at the hospital has been great.”

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