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Harrow residents react to Conservatives election victory

Residents across Harrow have been reacting to the news the the Conservative Party have been voted in to control Harrow Council.

Most of the comments have been overwhelmingly positive as people look forward to a new era for Harrow, in the hope that some of the more long-standing issues are corrected.

Newly elected Harrow Council leader, Paul Osborne, stated “They said this couldn’t be done, they said we couldn’t win. We showed them we can win in Harrow” as he addressed the press and crowd in attendance at the vote count today.


We asked members of the Harrow Online Group what changes they wanted to see with the Tories in charge, read some of the best responses below.

“Human beings you can actually speak to on the phone or in person to get issues resolved rather than the standard response of ‘go to the website’, cleaner streets, more transparency as to where taxpayers money is going. Less authorising of unsustainable housing projects. The infrastructure in Harrow is already stretched thin.”


“Born and brought up working class. I’ve voted Labour all my life but having lived in Harrow for the past decade and seeing the town spiral into a steady but steep decline made me vote Tory this time. It killed me but I want our town to thrive and I think the tories may be able to turn it around. I would love it if they could invest in the people of the town and make the town shine vs look out for their own only. We need clean streets, clubs for children and teens and initiatives that get the latter involved in what’s happening around them so they actively engage in improving themselves and their future prospects. We need green spaces and a lot more police on the street. No more murders or stabbing in Harrow. Is this possible?”

“To sort out the local parks for the children and put benches or tables in them. To stop wasting money on silly paintings in Wealdstone that actually serve no purpose at all. Put more police around the area too. To tidy the streets more, and put bin collection back to weekly which would stop rubbish over flowing and rats every where…”

“Lower council tax, weekly bin collections, fly tipping issue, stop booking appointments scheme at recycling centre, dog waste bins in parks, more disabled parking bays in town centre.”


“Get staff back into the office and Not hide behind covid for responding to the taxpayer. Provide value for money. Take a properly considered consultative approach to planning. Deal with the issues plaguing the borough with zero tolerance towards ASB including fly tipping and littering of public spaces, with bite not just bark. Work with the community. Make the town centres represent what people want and attract classy businesses not bargain bucket pound shops and chicken restaurants. That’s just 30 seconds of typing off the top of my head. In a nutshell, fix Harrow and make it a nice place to live for everyone instead of the hellhole it has descended into over the last couple of decades.”

“We now want to see control of flytipping, cleaner streets, free garden waste brown bin collection and a sensible house collection service for items such as white goods etc. In addition an end to high rise buildings and freeze on council tax.”

“Stop the building of high rise flats, there is not enough infrastructure for the residents in the Borough as it is.”


“Definitely start by addressing the amount of litter and flytipping in Harrow. More recycling bins available for drop offs in the Borough (eg electrical recycling). Less crime on the streets. Filling in the potholes on our roads and better road markings, a lot have worn off the tarmac in Harrow!”

“With the rough times we’re facing and what the opposite party has/not done for the past few good years, a miracle would be needed….Harrow is still a beautiful place, I still have hopes and hopefully the residents will also contribute….”

“Tackle homelessness and drug gangs in the area…they have hung out on our street for years now in plain daylight and nothing has been done about it!.”


“Councillors from across both parties working together for the benefit of Harrow residents. A must do attitude brought into the Council, where staff realise they are employed because of the needs of residents. So Council officers not thinking they are doing us a favour, but are there to serve the residents. Starting at the top, Chief Executive level, then Director level, being accountable and appreciating the hard work that those on the ground do and want to do. Supporting the hard working staff and giving them clear direction and leadership. Making sure everyone is accountable. Hoping to see no more posts saying “I can’t get through to anyone at the Council”. Local Plans put in place which will help to challenge the government’s planning regulations.”

”It’s just a breath of fresh air for Harrow, I hope that this leads to improvements across the board from Harrow Council, I do fear that this will take a long time but I’m very hopeful, here’s to the future of Harrow and hopefully one we can all get along together in!.”

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